KARPAAS: कार्पासम्: COTTON



The brand’s ethos is driven by thoughtful design, sustainable fabrics and a contemporary take on femininity.
Our philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power that amplifies confidence in the wearer.



In addition to the classic Indian cotton, Karpaasa takes the quality of culturally rich fabrics like mulberry silk, chanderi, jamdani, and linen up a notch by uniting it with beautiful handwoven patterns, traditional embroideries, eco printing, contemporary crochet designs, natural dyes, and AZO-free digital printing, all under one roof.



Striving to deliver the luxurious feel of Indian heritage at your doorstep, we aim to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Designed aesthetically to reflect your individuality and customized with a lot of love to suit your personality, Karpaasa is what you are - beautiful inside out.




Meet the wonder women who have embroidered their way to
your fashion closet, and are on a journey to make you feel
beautiful in your skin, every day.


Namrata Sharma

With a passion that is undying for fashion, Namrata loves to stay updated and upgraded with latest trends when it comes to clothing and style. Striking a perfect balance between desi tribe and videshi vibes, Namrata is a commerce graduate who is currently juggling between being a homemaker as well as an entrepreneur. Apart from being a mother of two, Namrata is also a homemaker who has managed to combine her passion with her profession effortlessly. In addition to this, she also enjoys traveling, cooking, and shopping to the core.

Monika Aggarwal

Quite a literary fanatic of the trio, Monika is a coffee lover who enjoys reading and believes that our creativity is the essence of who we are. Bitten by the creative bug, you can find Monika bringing out her artistic side through her designs. A perfect combination of beauty with a brain, she is truly an arts graduate who has always dreamt of making sustainable clothes for women, and giving back to nature by doing her bit. Also a mother of two, she enjoys listening to music and unwind with her family and friends.

Anika Kamboj Sharma

Hailing from the lovely Doon Valley, Anika is an economics post-graduate whose heart is in the treasure chest of embroidering, crocheting, and needle work. A multitasking mom who has no appetite for restrictions and works a full-time corporate job, Anika’s technique-oriented nature led her to take an initiative to save the art of crochet. Turning her passion for clothes into her profession, Anika is a hardcore foodie who often finds herself torn between her love for mountains and beaches when she is not busy having an eye for detail in fashion and style.